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Let your car adapt to your lifesyle - from family holidays, weekends away or to simply getting around.

A range of OEM quality products trusted by Germany's largest car manufacturers; they are affordable, highly innovative and easy to install.

Roof racks/ Roof bars:  

Thule roof racks and roof barsWhen choosing the Thule Rapid System Roof Bars for your car you can choose between two types of load bars/ roof racks - the Aero bar with easy mounting of accessories and a Classic Square bar.

Traditional square bars are made of strong galvanized steel (dimensions 32 x 22 mm) and coated with black heavy duty 2 or 3 mm polyethylene to maximize resistance to corrosion and also to cushion and grip any equipment you mount to them. Accessories are mounted using clamps which secure around the bar. 

Thule roof racks and roof barsThe Aero bars/ roof racks from Thule are made of aluminium, which gives them an elegant, lightweight and aerodynamic design. They are provided with a T-track slot, into which you simply slide the accessory. Aluminium Aero bars are as strong as the Square steel bars/roof racks.


Thule roof rack     roof rack                  

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