Honda Jazz


A regular Honda service is essential to keep your car running smoothly.

Hondas are known for being solid, reliable and well-running vehicles; however it is still important to have regular services in order to keep it running at its optimum level of performance.

Honda service special

Civic 1.8 VTEC (2006-2010)

Matthew joined the autoWORKS team with 15 years experience. Matthew started his career at a Ford and Mazda Dealership. He gained further experience working as a BMW specialist and on VW in Europe before becoming the Service Manager of Citroen in Cape Town. He was trained extensively by Citroen, Ford and Mazda on diagnostics and repairs. Matthew is now Branch Manager at our Salt River branch.


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Honda Civic cars are some of the most popular Honda models, and are known for their smooth driving, speed, slick look and powerful engines. Even the toughest Civic occasionally needs a Honda service however, and owners need to be able to identify signs of common problems experienced with these cars. Identifying problems as soon as they develop can save you a bundle in repair costs and if caught early, almost any problem can be resolved. Keep your Honda Civic in the best condition, and you will be sure that your car will perform at its peak, whether it is a 1992 model or a 2008 Honda Civic type. The most common types of issues relating to the Honda Civic include transmission problems, starter problems and steering problems.

Civic Starter Problems

Civic starting problems can be tricky to diagnose, not to mention frustrating. In order for the car to start, the starter, ignition system, fuel system and engine control computer all have to work in harmony for the engine to fire. A problem in any of these parts such as a faulty connection between positive and negative battery cables, electrical wires or even battery will mean that the car will not be able to start.

Civic Steering Problems

Honda Civic cars use a steering rack and tie rod to for steering control. If steering fails or seems off, you may need to replace these components. An auto technician will be able to identify which components are faulty, or even if the problem is in the steering rack and tie rod at all. Generally, if steering has any slack, this could indicate worn tie rod, while a faint clicking noise when turning the steering wheel from lock to lock indicates a faulty steering rack. These parts will need to be replaced, speak to your auto repair centre as soon as possible to fix this problem before it becomes worse.

Civic Transmission Problems

Your Civic's transmission allows the car to transfer the power generated by the engine to the wheels by connecting to the engine through the clutch assembly. Fluid leaks, burned engine fluid, gear failure and other factors will influence the car’s transmission. If you hear any strange noises, or if your car is not driving as well as it should, take it to an auto repair professional and have a Honda Civic service to diagnose the problem.