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Regular service checks will keep your Nissan in good running order.

Service schedules vary according to model and year, and it is always best to consult your specific Nissan manual.

Nissan Sentra Car Service

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As any auto repair shop will advise, regular Nissan service schedules are imperative to ensure that your car runs smoothly – regardless of which model you drive.  While this popular compact car is generally considered a reliable vehicle, the Sentra can be prone to fault.  This is what makes regular services so important, as this ensures that you are able to prevent further problems down the line.  This keeps your Sentra in good condition, no matter how old it may be.  The following problems have been reported with Nissan Sentra cars:

Nissan Sentra Starting Problems

A faulty starter will prevent your Sentra from starting properly, and can be very difficult to diagnose.  Often, the car will start without problems, and not start at other times.  This makes it tricky for a repair center to diagnose.  A highly trained technician will be able to identify the cause of starting problems however; and tell you if the starter needs to be replaced or if it is an electrical fault.  Whatever the cause, starting problems can generally be resolved fairly quickly.

Nissan Sentra Engine Problems

Like any car, Nissan Sentra’s can occasionally have engine problems. Nissan engine problems could include faulty crank sensors, faulty circuit or fluid leaks in high mileage models. Some 2006 Nissan Sentras powered by the 2.5-liter engine can consume excessive oil due to faulty piston rings, which can cause low oil levels. If your Sentra is an older model, it is essential to have regular checks as per your service schedule to see if any fluids need replacing or if any components have worn. Speak to your auto technician if you experience any strange sounds or if anything seems to be amiss.

Nissan Sentra Brake Problems

South Africa’s roads are known to be perilous, especially in winter when roads are wet and slippery. Brake problems in Nissan Sentras can be extremely dangerous, and problems such as worn brake pads, low fluid levels or other faulty components could have dire repercussions. If you experience any problems when braking, take your Sentra into a qualified auto repair shop such as autoWORKS as soon as possible to have your brakes checked.

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