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Car Repair Parts

We give a 60 000km or a one year warranty  on all car parts and repairs.

All of our parts are original car parts or match the quality used by the manufacturers.

Car Repair Parts

Listed below is how our parts are categorised by the European Union:

(s) "Spare car parts" means goods which are to be installed in or upon a motor vehicle service so as to replace components of that vehicle, including goods such as lubricants which are necessary for the use of a motor vehicle, with the exception of fuel.

(t) "original spare parts" means spare parts which are of the same quality as the components used for the assembly of a motor vehicle and which are manufactured according to the specifications and production standards provided by the vehicle manufacturer for the production of components or spare parts for the motor vehicle in question. This includes spare parts which are manufactured on the same production line as these components. It is presumed, unless the contrary is proven, that parts constitute original spare parts if the part manufacturer certifies that the parts match the quality of the components used for the assembly of the vehicle in question and have been manufactured according to the specifications and production standards of the vehicle manufacturer.

(u) "Spare parts of matching quality" means exclusively spare parts made by any undertaking which can certify at any moment that the parts in question match the quality of the components which are or were used for the assembly of the motor vehicles in question.

For details of warranty regarding our car parts during car servicing, see Terms and Conditions.

Quality parts

autoWORKS uses quality parts  from the same suppliers as the manufacturers 

Car manufacturers do not make any wear and tear or service parts. These parts are supplied by companies like NGK, GUD or, Bosch that specialise in the manufacturing of parts like spark plugs and filters. These parts are then distributed to car manufacturers and other independent distributors.  

These specialised manufacturers supply original parts to autoWORKS and the car manufacturers.

autoWORKS does not import or use cheap pirate parts.

We offer quality as good as the agents; we service your vehicle strictly to manufacturer’s specifications at a competitive price with friendly service. We are so confident in the quality of our work and parts that autoWORKS customers receive an extended 60 000km or 1 year warranty on our work.

Expert mechanics

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