Opel Corsa


Keep your Opel in good working order with regular services.

Small problems that are ignored could end up becoming expensive problems later down the line, and not sticking to a schedule plan could have disastrous effects on your Opel’s engine and car service parts.

Opel service special

Corsa C1.4 (2003-2010)

After receiving his Motor Mechanic Diploma Mario gained experience at McCarthy Motors and Shell Autoservice where he specialised in Toyota and Opel vehicles. After 18 years in the motor industry Mario found his new home at autoWORKS and has been part of the team for the past 4 years.

David is our Workshop Foreman at autoWORKS Salt River. For the next 4 years he worked at Barons Salt River and Barons Culemborg. From there he moved to the UK where he worked for 11 years at different workshops including, Tippens Kia/Seat, Mordon VW, Twickenham VW, Croydon Lexus and Kingston Toyota. He worked in different roles whilst overseas. David moved back to South Africa in 2013 and worked at Barons Bellville for 2 years before joining autoWORKS in 2015. He has 18 years’ experience working on VW, Audi, Toyota, Kia, Lexus and Seat vehicles.


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As one of the most popular Opel models, regular Opel service is imperative in order to keep your car in good running order. Generally, your Corsa should have its scheduled service at every 15 000km or twelve months to ensure that all parts are well-maintained and that fluids are checked and replaced if necessary. However small problems may arise outside of your service schedule, and to ensure that these issues do not lead to further problems, it is always advised to take your Corsa into the repair centre as soon as possible. Below are some of the more common faults that have been reported with Corsa models:

Corsa Clutch Problems

Some Corsa drivers have reported clutch issues, which include juddering as well as worn clutch cables among other concerns. Often, these problems can be resolved by replacing the clutch kit with a new one (using genuine parts of trusted quality parts) at a fairly reasonable cost – however it is essential to consult an auto repair shop that has the experience and skill to be able to replace these parts, as an incorrect installation can cause further problems.

Corsa Steering Problems

Another issue that has been reported with certain Corsa models, in particular the Corsa Utility, is steering problems. Knocking noises and similar symptoms have been observed, especially when going over speed bumps or slowing down at traffic lights. Strange noises or pulling on the steering could be one of numerous issues, from loose steering knuckles to faulty engine steering racks. As always, it is advised to consult an experienced and qualified auto technician to check all steering parts to identify the problem.

Corsa Additional Problems

Other problems that have been mentioned in regards to the Opel Corsa include minor electrical faults, starting problems, engine problems such as leaking fluid, gearbox problems and other fairly small issues that can be fixed quickly by your auto repair centre.

To ensure that your Corsa gets the dedicated and efficient service it requires, speak to a highly skilled car service centre such as autoWORKS, who will be able to keep your car in excellent condition whether it is a Corsa Utility, OPC or Opel Corsa 1.4.