BMW 3 Series 320D F30 (2012 - onwards)


Your BMW services work according to your vehicle's Service Interval Indicator.

The Service Interval Indicator draws your attention to the need for maintenance work, so that you do not have to keep track of these deadlines yourself.

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3 Series 320D F30 (2012-onwards)

Matthew joined the autoWORKS team with 15 years experience. Matthew started his career at a Ford and Mazda Dealership. He gained further experience working as a BMW specialist and on VW in Europe before becoming the Service Manager of Citroen in Cape Town. He was trained extensively by Citroen, Ford and Mazda on diagnostics and repairs. Matthew is now branch manager at our Observatory branch.

George Napier (Branch Manager, Milnerton)
Expert mechanic

George joined the autoWORKS team as Branch Manager at our Milnerton branch in 2014. Before he joined autoWORKS, George successfully started his own automotive service company and gained valuable experience for 20 years. He specializes in Mercedes and BMW’s. George is passionate about his customers and colleagues and understands their importance to and within the company.


A known issue on the BMW X3 is the transfer box fault. autoWORKS repairs them for 50% or more below the BMW price with a 60 000km/1 year warranty.

Symptom: The first symptom of a faulty transfer box is usually a slight slip as you are pulling away, other symptoms are a whining (gear noise) that can turn to a very heavy clunk. It’s also been reported that the BMW X3 would shudder and set off the ABS brakes & 4×4 lights. See pictures of these warning lights below:

BMW Service
BMW Service
BMW Service

Cause: The cause can possibly be that the incorrect tyres were fitted or alternatively it can just be wear and tear.

Repair: The repair needed will depend on the amount of damage that has been caused. It could be that it is just the gear of the adjuster motor that needs to be replaced or it could be that due to excessive wear the bearing, chain, gear or clutches failed:

  1. The gear of the adjusted motor wore out – autoWORKS repairs the motor and replaces the gear.
  2. If the adjuster motor wears, the sprocket kit (adjuster arms) wears off. Once this happens you will hear a heavy clunk and the box can get stuck, meaning that the transfer box can’t adjust. More damage can then cause the bearing to damage or the chain to stretch. autoWORKS will REPLACE the internal parts of the transfer box, not attempt to repair them. Due to the special hardening process during production gearbox parts such as the sprockets, bearings, chain a repair will not last.

If you’d like info, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 021 200 7800.

This offer is valid country wide. If you have a MIWA accredited workshop, please feel free to ship the transfer box to us, we will do the repair and ship the parts back.


To maintain the vehicle’s reliability and safety have the maintenance work on your BMW performed as indicated without delay when the red warning zone is visible. The same applies when the remaining distance display is negative or is flashing, and if the clock signal remains on.

Your BMW services works according to the Service Interval Indicator in your vehicle. The Service Interval Indicator draws your attention to the need for maintenance work, so that you do not have to keep track of these deadlines yourself.

Maintenance work has to be done in the following order:

  • Oil Service
  • Inspection 1
  • Inspection 2
  • If the clock symbol lights up, brake fluid renewal is due.

Note that cars used very infrequently far less than 10 000 km per year should have their engine oil changed at least every year, since engine oil ages regardless of the loads imposed on it.

During the maintenance work, routine checks are done on parts which have found to endure regular wear and tear during operation of the vehicle. Your BMW needs quality car service and car repairs and this is what autoWORKS is based on.

autoWORKS offers:

  • A 60 000km/1 year warranty
  • Works according to the latest standards and procedures of the German auto industry
  • Employs qualified technicians, trained by the manufacturers
  • Is your one stop shop for all your cars service and repair needs

It is important to consult a repair centre that you can trust. Visit autoWORKS for an auto repair shop that fully understands your BMW, offering the best service at the best prices.