• RMI approved and our services are AA Quality Assured Accredited.
  • Car services on all brands and models according to the manufacturer's specification.
  • autoWORKS only use the latest technology and qualified staff.
  • autoWORKS offer the highest standards of safety, precision and efficiency.
  • Only the most reliable service and the highest quality is offered, at affordable prices!
autoWORKS | Maintenance and repair centre

Service & Inspection

All cars should be serviced according to the manufacturer specifications!

autoWORKS does just that, we know at what year and mileage each of your service parts need to be replaced to keep your vehicle in optimal running condition. Read more...

autoWORKS | Maintenance and repair centre


To determine the cause of the light on your dash, autoWORKS would need to complete a diagnostic scan.

The diagnostic scan lets us access your car's engine control unit and will show us the fault codes that the technician needs to investigate before he can quote you on a repair. Read more...

autoWORKS | Maintenance and repair centre

Gearbox & Clutch

Your Clutch allows you to change gears and your Gearbox oil keeps your clutch lubricated at all times. If by change your clutch fails. or starts to fail there could be multiple reasons as to why.

If you are experiencing a burning smell, difficulty selecting gears, or a slipping or sticky clutch contact autoWORKS so we can assist you.

autoWORKS | Maintenance and repair centre


One of the main roles of your suspension is to make sure your car is smooth on the road. A bumpy or noisy ride is an obvious sign that your vehicle’s suspension needs to be attended too. 

If you feel a bounce on the road while driving or hear a knocking noise than autoWORKS is the workshop for you. Read more...

autoWORKS | Maintenance and repair centre


Brake pads and shoes on vehicles are important as they allow you to stop. The job of the brake pads/shoes and disc/drum is to create the resistance needed between your tyres and the road to stop your vehicle. The brake system on a motor vehicle is considered a critical safety item according to the Retail Motor Industry Organization (RMI).

autoWORKS | Maintenance and repair centre

Cambelt & Timing Chain

If your Cambelt or Timing chain fail your engine will suffer damage. This type of damage is repaired with either an engine overhaul, or an engine replacement. 

autoWORKS knows how expensive these repairs can be, so contact us and we will be able to advise you when they need to be replaced. 

Cleaned injectors reduce fuel consumption

Maintaining your vehicle in a good condition and your driving style are the main factors influencing your fuel consumption. Lets look at what will keep your engine running smoothly.


Regular air filter and oil changes prevent fine dirt particles getting into the engine. autoWORKS recommends servicing your vehicle strictly according to manufacturer specifications. Do not try to clean a filter. Blowing out a filter with compressed air or cleaning solutions will damage the microstructure of the filter paper. Subsequently fine sand and dirt particles get into the engine.


Dirty fuel and carbon accumulation in your engine results in fuel injector blockage and leaks, causing high fuel consumption and a noticeable decrease in the performance of your vehicle. In the long-run carbon accumulation can damage the injectors and possibly the engine itself.


Injector cleaning requires removing the injector from the engine and cleaning it on a workbench at a cost of  R 2000.00 to R 3000.00 per injector. If too clogged up or damaged, the injectors may have to be replaced which can cost in excess of R10 000.00, or even more if you have a diesel engine.

We are happy to announce good news for vehicle owners. autoWORKS brings you the latest innovation in cleaning vehicle injectors without removing them from the vehicle. We have invested in the latest technology in injector cleaning and are proud to advise that we can now clean your vehicle’s injectors for a fraction of the cost, without even removing them from the vehicle.


The injectors of your vehicle play a vital role in improving performance and reducing fuel consumption and it is recommended that injectors are cleaned at least every 100 000km, or if you notice increased consumption, smoking or uneven idling.


Make an appointment at any autoWORKS branch and for only R1150.00 (VAT included) we’ll clean your vehicles injectors in an hour or less!