Mercedes Benz

Sophisticated electrical systems and customised settings are standard.

What makes for a far more luxurious driving experience needs regular, essential services to ensure that the electrical systems are working properly.

Mercedes-Benz service special

C-Class C180 (2011-2014)

George Napier (Branch Manager, Milnerton)
Expert mechanic

George joined the autoWORKS team as Branch Manager at our Milnerton branch in 2014. Before he joined autoWORKS, George successfully started his own automotive service company and gained valuable experience for 20 years. He specializes in Mercedes and BMW’s. George is passionate about his customers and colleagues and understands their importance to and within the company.


If you drive a Mercedes Benz, then you will undoubtedly know how important regular Mercedes service checkups are to ensure that your car performs at its best. Built for luxury, comfort and efficiency, Mercedes is the ultimate passenger vehicle. Sophisticated electrical systems, unique programmable keys and customised settings are fairly standard in newer models, and make for a far more luxurious driving experience – however regular service is essential to ensure that electrical systems are working properly, otherwise faults can occur. There are two levels of service plans for a new Mercedes – A-Service and B-Service. More information on each plan can be found below:

A-Service Plan

A-Service is the first service your Mercedes will require, and is done at approximately 15,000 kilometres or a year. This plan is determined by the Flexible Service System, and after that it is determined for every 30,000 kilometres or two years.

A-Service checks are generally routine checks to ensure that your Mercedes engine and other service parts are all working smoothly. A typical service will include the following:

  • Interior checks (function, warning lights, indicators, interior lights, windscreen, wipers, etc)
  • Wheels and brake checks (brake pads, tire condition, tire pressure)
  • Engine checks (oil and filter, fluid levels for brakes, coolant, battery and windscreen, battery condition, bonnet catch)
  • Boot (spare tire check, battery condition)

B-Service Plan

B-Service plans are scheduled at approximately 30,000 kilometres or one year after the previous service. This plan is also determined by Flexible Service System, and after the first service is completed every 30,000 kilometres or every two years.

B-Service checks are more detailed than A-Service checks, often because the car has had a bit more wear and tear by the time it is due for its B-Service plan. Typical checks during this Mercedes service could include any of the following:

  • Interior (warning and indicator lamps, illumination and interior lighting, windshield wiper, windshield washer system, headlamp cleaning system, combination or dust filter, parking brake function test)
  • Wheels and brakes (front and rear brake discs and pads, tire condition, tread and inflation)
  • Underside of vehicle (major components leakage, chafe marks, line routing, damaged components, front axle ball joints, mechanical steering and rubber boots)
  • Engine checks (leakage, fluid levels, engine oil and filter, cooling system, brake system, power steering, Active Body Control, battery, engine boot door checks, condition of poly V-belt)
  • Boot (battery condition, tire inflation pressure in spare tire)

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