As good as the agents

1 Year Warranty!

  • OE-quality parts
  • Qualified technicians working to manufacturer specifications
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment


  • You never pay more than the quotes you authorise and always less than at the agents
  • We will bring you home (or to work) for free
  • We offer you the best repair for your car

Know What You Get!

Quality Promise

We are committed to ensuring that you get the best  car service, performance, reliability and enjoyment out of your car at the best possible price.

OES quality parts

We constantly improve our own efficiency, ensuring that we source guaranteed parts at the best prices. More than 98% or parts that we will ever replace in your car are made by Original Equipment suppliers (OES) companies like Bosch, NGK, Textar or Bilstein.


OES parts are made on the same assembly line as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, except it goes through the added steps of being stamped with the agents logo and packed in their branded packaging.


We source these parts for you directly, avoiding the high markup added by manufacturers to save you money.


All our technicians have undergone a complete apprenticeship program and passed their trade tests. All apprentices work under direct supervision of a qualified technician.

Working to manufacturer specifications

Our service schedules follow the manufacturer specification and our procedures are based on the latest German industry developments. You can trust us to do the best job at the best value for money with regards to an excellent  vehicle service.

How We Work

We have strict procedures in place that allow us to make sure no work commences without our customers receiving a quotation and having authorised this.

We will always attempt to source a OES quality part to save you money. If we don't succeed we guarantee you, that our price will never be above the agents price and if you do get a cheaper quotation, we will refund you. That way you can be sure not to have any nasty surprises.

On top of that we will advise you on repair possibilities. Quite often the agents only offer a new component. If suitable for your vehicle we will advise accordingly... see our blog.

60 000 km or 1 year warranty

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