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Volkswagen Car Service

Volkswagen Car Service


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Service Intervals

Oil change service every 15 000km or yearly.

Air Filter & Fuel Filter - every 30 000 km interval but can last up to  100 000 km in modern vehicles. Read more...

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Most cambelts need to be changed at 90 000 km or after 6 years, but this can vary from every 60 000 km to 180 000 km. Cambelts age and can tear if not changed in time, which will cause major engine damage. Read more...

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Spark Plugs

Every 30 000 km but can last up to 100 000 km for platinum or iridium spark plugs in modern vehicles. Read more..

Transmission Fluid

The change intervals vary from every 45 000 km to a "life-time" fill. But even for vehicles with a life-time fill the oil deteriorates and we recommend a change at around 200 000 km or 10 years. Read more...

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Powersteering Fluid

Most vehicles come with a life-time fill of powersteering fluid. 

Autoworks recommends changing the transmission fluid at 200 000 km or after 10 years. Read more...

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Brake Fluid Flush

Every 2 years.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic (binds water) and deteriorates quite quickly especially in coastal towns. Read more...

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Coolant Flush

Every 2 years.

High quality coolants last longer and give better protection.
Ask us about the recommended coolant for your vehicle. Read more...

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Aircon Service

Every 3 years.

As the A/C looses tiny amount of coolants over time, it looses performance. Oil in the coolant protects the moving parts of the A/C. Read more...

Robert Taylor expert mechanic

Expert Mechanic


Rob Joined the motor industry at the age of 16 years old and qualified as a Grade A technician before his 18th birthday becoming one of the youngest qualified technicians in South Africa. He quailified with Volkswagen and then moved over to Nissan to become their senior technician in Durban. A little later in his career he moved over to Bosch due to his love for all brands of vehicles as the Workshop manager and senior on car diagnostics technician.

Quality Guarantee

Imported Car Accesories

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Regular services are an economical and sensible option.

Keeping to this schedule is essential to ensure that your VW stays in top condition –  to guarantee that small problems don’t become huge problems.

VW service schedules are done according to the service indicator of your vehicle.Keeping to this schedule is essential to ensure that your VW stays in top condition. In these tough recession times, no one wants the added worry of expensive car problems – regular services are an economical and sensible option to ensure that small problems don’t become huge problems. Make sure that you only ever consult a qualified and professional service center to ensure that your VW is in good hands; just as you would never take chances on a fly-by-night dentist or doctor, it is never a wise idea to take your car to an unreliable repair center.

Make sure that your car service center meets the following standards:
What Warranty Does the Service Centre Give You?

Find out what warranty the service centre give you on auto repair parts and car repairs. Ask about warranty terms and make sure that you are happy with these terms. autoWORKS gives a 60 000 km/1 year warranty on all parts and repairs.

How Experienced and Knowledgeable Are the Technicians?

There should be information on the technicians listed on their website, and you should be able to find out how much relevant experience the shop has to ensure that your auto repairs are conducted thoroughly and efficiently.

Does the Service Centre Display Pricing?

A good auto repair centre will list prices on their website or they will have a price list that can be sent to customers on request. Avoid being taken for a ride by overcharging mechanics, and always request prices upfront before agreeing to any service. autoWORKS will always give you a binding quote before any work is carried out.

How Much Time Will It Take To Perform Basic Service Checks?

Time is valuable, and you should never have to wait for excessive time periods while your car is being serviced. A good service centre will give you a realistic service time estimate, and stick to this deadline effectively.

Put your VW into good hands, and consult a highly skilled and qualified repair shop such as autoWORKS. With years of combined car repair experience, and a team of experts trained in auto repair, we are able to give only the best quality service at affordable prices. Visit our car repair centre for the best deals today.

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VW Amarok 2.0 TDI (2010-2012) 20 000km
R 1395.00
incl. VAT
VW Caddy 1.6 (2004-2011) 15 000km
R 1095.00
incl. VAT
VW Caddy 1.9 TDI [1] (2004-2011) 15 000km
R 1095.00
incl. VAT
VW Caddy 2.0 TDI [1] (2004-2011) 15 000km
R 995.00
incl. VAT

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