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Ensure that your much-loved wheels are in tiptop shape.

Some motorists believe that their car should be checked only when a problem arises; following a schedule plan will ensure that problems do not arise.

Hyundai service special

i20 (2009-2015)

Jonathan joined the autoWORKS team with 15 years’ experience. He has extensive knowledge on Citroen, Peugeot, Mercedes, VW, Audi, KIA, SsangYong and BMW vehicles. Jonathan started as Forman in our Strand branch and very soon after that got promoted to Branch Manager. He qualified in 2005 and got Consultant Technician in 2006 where he underwent training on advanced electronics systems, he also won a country-wide Technician of the Year award in 2006. Jonathan describes himself as being born with a spanner in the hand. We at autoWORKS are proud to have him as part of our team.


Hyundai Atos

To ensure that your much-loved wheels are in tiptop shape, regular Hyundai services are essential. While some motorists believe that their car should only be checked when a problem arises, having regularly scheduled services as per your Hyundai’s car service schedule plan will ensure that problems do not arise. This keeps your car in good working order, and ensures a longer-lasting engine as well as other parts. Just like you wouldn’t put your health at risk, you should never put your car at risk by neglecting to keep up with scheduled checks. If you are driving a pre-owned Hyundai, make sure that you have the car manual and schedule – plus its service history. Higher mileage cars are especially important to service regularly to ensure that all parts continue to run smoothly. On average, services can be done at every 5 000km – 6 000km.

At your Hyundai service, a number of parts will be checked, cleaned and/or replaced. Services will depend on the mileage and overall condition of your Hyundai, and a typical car service could include the following:

  • Change oil and check oil filter
  • Top up all under bonnet fluid levels
  • Check pollen filter (if fitted)
  • Check brakes and brake fluid
  • Check steering
  • Check suspension and tyres
  • Change air filter
  • Change fuel filter
  • Change spark plugs if necessary

In addition to scheduled services, your Hyundai may require a non-scheduled service. Certain models have had reported problems with transmission, acceleration, brakes and battery - these being the most commonly reported issues that could arise. Regular services will ensure that these parts are thoroughly checked, saving you much time and hassle in the long run. To ensure that your Hyundai gets the best possible service, it is well advised to take your car to our reputable auto service centre. Qualified and experienced technicians will be able to assess your car and perform various service checks, and will be able to advise you if any parts need to be replaced or fixed. Far too many mechanics and service centres give customers less value for more money, and it is therefore important to consult a repair centre that you can trust. Visit autoWORKS for an auto repair shop that fully understands your car, offering the best service at the best prices.