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Services are carried out according to manufacturer specifications.

A range of thorough services and checks ensure that your Mitsubishi is in the best possible condition.

Mitsubishi service special

Outlander 12.0 (2012-2018)

Expert mechanic

Johan joined the autoWORKS team with 10 years experience. He studied Motor Mechanics Level 1 and qualified at McCarthy Motor Holdings for his NQF. Johan previously worked at Maintain a Fleet where he gained experience in Toyota and Tata vehicles. Since joining autoWORKS he has been a real bonus for us and ever loyal to his colleagues and customers.


autoWORKS services Mitsubishi cars according to manufacturer specifications. autoWORKS is able to offer a range of thorough services and checks to ensure that your Mitsubishi is in the best possible condition. Basic services include the following:

Service and Inspection

Thorough inspection to ensure that all filters are in good condition, replacement of any filters that may need to be replaced, oil change, coolant fluid checks and other basic checks. You will be advised if your Mitsubishi requires further repairs.


All engine lights and warning lights are checked to ensure that everything is in a good working order, and if not, the exact problem will be diagnosed.

Gearbox and Clutch

If your clutch is sticking, or you have to push down further than normal, then the clutch might be worn. Before you get stuck somewhere have it rather  checked and repaired.


Your Mitsubishi service will check that your brake pads, brake fluid and other brake components are in proper working order – worn brake pads can have fatal repercussions, especially on South Africa’s busy roads.


If your Mitsubishi is losing oil or water, or you have any type of engine trouble, then our car service centre will be able to diagnose and replace fluids as well as conduct a full engine check.

It is important to do your homework regarding the maintenance and repair centre you take your Mitsubishi to - especially for people without in-depth knowledge on car repairs and services.

Make sure the car service centre meets the following standards:

Gives You A Viable Warranty

Find out what warranty the service centre give you on auto repair parts and car repairs. Ask about warranty terms and make sure that you are happy with these terms. autoWORKS gives a 60 000 km/1 year warranty on all parts and repairs.

Use Quality Parts and Trained Technicians

Parts used by our maintenance and repair technicians are original car parts or match the quality used by the manufacturers. Technicians work strictly according to manufacturer specifications.

What Is The Reputation Of The Maintenance and Repair Centre

autoWORKS, a garage where things get done right the first time. With friendly staff. Thanks!” WAGEM AGENCIES PTY LTD

"I can strongly recommend autoWORKS for the quality of workmanship. They go the extra mile!"- Mrs Jo Murphy

“I will only allow autoWORKS to service my two BMW convertibles; they deliver on their commitments and charge a fair price”. – MD Green Star Technologies

Is The Maintenance and Repair Workshop AA Quality Assured?

autoWORKS is AA Quality assured and RMI accredited.

AA Quality Assured offers consumers assurance of excellent customer service, technical expertise and the highest standard of ethical business practices.

Put your Mitsubishi into good hands, and consult a highly skilled and qualified repair shop such as autoWORKS. With years of combined car repair experience, and a team of experts trained in auto repair, we are able to give only the best quality service at affordable prices. Visit our car repair centre for the best deals today.