How to keep your fuel usage at an optimum level

As cars get older we tend to assume that the older they get the more fuel they use, however, this is incorrect. A car should not burn more fuel unless it has been modified to do so. Remember that your fuel usage is directly related to how hard your engine has to work, so the harder the engine works, the more fuel is consumed.

There are a few common things that we all have heard about when it comes to fuel economy. Things such as minimizing weight inside the vehicle or ensuring your windows are closed while driving. And while these tips can save you fuel, there are also a few other more complicated things that everyone may not know about.

Poor maintenance and neglected parts

Service parts such as the air filter, spark plugs and oil filter are old and not replaced at the recommended intervals it can cause your engine to work harder and in turn consume more fuel than it is supposed to.

  • Oil filter – your oil filter is designed to filter all the dirt from your engine oil and store it so it doesn’t go back into your engine.
  • Spark plugs – Spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture. This process puts the pistons in motion which gets your vehicle running
  • Air filter – It is used to filter the air going into your engine for the combustion process.
Driving habits

When you accelerate quickly you are forcing your vehicle to give larger quantities of fuel to keep up. Rather maintain a reasonable and controlled speed when driving on the highway or pulling away.

Tyre thread and pressure

If the tyre pressure is low or the tyre thread is unevenly worn, the tyres are unable to grip the roads surface correctly. As a result, the engine is forced to put out more power so the car can move forward.

Faulty oxygen sensors and injectors
  • Oxygen sensors – they monitor the exhaust gases within the exhaust system. They will then send the data to the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit. If the reading from the oxygen sensors are incorrect the ECU will then make adjustments by supplying more fuel to the combustion process.
  • Injectors – your injectors provide the fuel needed for the combustion process to take place. But, if your injectors start leaking they will still continue to supply the same amount of fuel. Therefore, you will end up losing double the amount of fuel.
Minimize idle time
  • Idling your car uses more fuel than starting your car. If for any reason your car is idling longer than a minute rather switch off your car to save yourself that petrol.

A simple and easy way to avoid the more expensive and larger and simply save yourself money on fuel. Is to just be sure to prioritise maintenance and efficient driving habits. If you are concerned about your vehicles fuel consumption, contact Autoworks and we will be able to assist you. Whether it be a check over, diagnostic, service or repair we are here for you!

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