Why you should service your car at least once a year

Why should you service your car at least once a year even if you hardly drove it…

New cars have a built in reminder system that lets you know when a filter needs to be changed. This happens because the lights on your dash are connected to your vehicle’s built in diagnostic system, the diagnostic system is connected to sensors. If one of those sensors shows a fault it will send a signal through to your dashboard telling you something such as your brakes or filter may need to be changed.

Older cars do not have this system. Depending on what make and model you drive, your car might only have a light for a basic service. However, it won’t be able to tell you which filters need to be replaced. Because of this it is important to know which filters need to be replaced at what mileage based on the type of car you drive.

Each filter is designed to stop harmful contaminants from entering your car’s interior or certain parts of your engine. Parts such as the combustion chamber, and fuel injectors.

We at Autoworks recommend servicing your car according to the manufacturer’s specifications which can be found in your car’s manual or service book. For older car’s we recommend that you service your car every 15 000 km or 1 year whichever comes first.


Below is a list of common service items that gets replaced when servicing your car. As well as a short explanation of what their role is.


Oil & Oil Filter

Oil has two man jobs:

The first is to remove all the dirt and contaminants from inside your engine. If the contaminants are left there inside the engine, blockages could occur which could prevent oil from reaching certain parts of your engine.

The second is to absorb heat. Inside your engine are a number of moving parts, these parts move together causing friction which ultimately gives off heat. The oil absorbs this heat cooling the engine down which prevents overheating.

As the oil collects contaminants and heat, over time it starts to age and becomes thicker. If the oil is not replaced, it will turn into sludge. This sludge will cause oil starvation and your engine will seize.

Your oil filter is designed to help remove as much of the contaminants as possible while your oil circulates through your engine. By removing some of the contaminants your oil lasts slightly longer and this prevents any unwanted damage.

Air Filter

For your engine to work correctly your pistons need to move up and down. This process requires a mixture of air and fuel to create a combustion/explosion that pushes your pistons up and down.

Your air filter is there to remove any dirt and debris before the air reaches the inside of your engine. If your air filter becomes clogged it will heavily restrict the air flow. This causes the air and fuel ratio to be incorrect and incomplete combustion will occur. You may also experience a decrease in power when accelerating, engine wear, and possibly even a higher fuel consumption.

Cabin/Pollen Filter

A cabin filters main role is to prevent any dust, pollen or debris from flowing into your car’s interior through the vents/AC. This creates a more comfortable experience for the driver as well as the passengers.

The second job the cabin filter has, is to stop your vents and AC from becoming blocked by leaves, small twigs or sand. Without a cabin filter that debris will flow into your car’s interior or possibly get stuck behind the vents/AC.

Should your cabin filter become clogged, air will be unable to flow smoothly through. And you will experience little to no air flow, a musty odour, or a whistling noise. If you experience any of these, Autoworks recommends that your replace your cabin filter. By doing so you will not only correct the issues above but also improve the quality of air that is flowing into your vehicle.

Fuel Filter

Fuel is manufactured clean. However, as it is transferred to a delivery truck and ends up sitting in a storage tank at a gas station, it becomes contaminated with debris. This contaminated fuel is then pumped into your car when you fill up at a filling station.

The fuel filter, filters out the contaminants from the fuel before it reaches your injectors. By doing so this prevents your fuel injectors from becoming blocked which increases fuel economy and vehicle performance.

If your fuel filter becomes blocked, less fuel will be able to reach your injectors which may cause issues with the starting of your vehicle. You may also experience less engine power while driving, poor acceleration and/or higher fuel usage. All of these issues may cause your car to break down or suffer critical damage.

All of this can be avoided if you replace your fuel filter at the correct service interval.

Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are located at the top of the cylinder head. They are designed to create a spark that ignites an air and fuel mixture to create an explosion. The spark moves across a gap, the length of this gap ensures that the ignition and combustion happen at the correct time. The explosion pushes your pistons up and down which in turn starts your engine allowing you to drive.

There are two reasons why you will experience a misfire while driving, and both are related to your spark plugs. 1) Your spark plugs are constantly exposed to extreme heat and pressure and as they age the heat causes the gap to widen. If the gap becomes to big the combustion timing will be incorrect. Or 2) They develop a build-up of fuel additives or excess oil on the tip. This is from being in contact with the air/fuel mixture which could lead to an early ignition.

Changing your spark plugs will increase your fuel efficiency, create a smooth and easy starting experience, reduce harmful emissions coming from your exhaust and create consistent combustion. By not replacing your spark plugs your car will either not start, struggle to start, or have almost no power under acceleration. 


We at Autoworks work according to the manufacturers specifications. This means that we know at what year and mileage each of your service parts need to be replaced to keep your vehicle in optimal running condition.


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