CV Joints, and how to tell if they are failing

The CV joint is designed to allow up and down movement to your car’s wheels while making sure they rotate at a constant speed.


If your CV joints are starting to fail, here are a few things you may notice:

Tyre edge grease

The first thing about your CV joint that tends to break is the CV boot that surrounds the CV joint. The boots are made from rubber, which means that they will take on a lot of abuse over the years due to the high amount of heat that they are exposed to. Once this boot cracks or breaks open you may experience the following symptoms:

  • The wheel feels like it is binding when making turns
  • Grease on the tyre
  • There is a clicking noise when trying to turn the car
  • The inability to turn the car without a lot of effort
Loud noises

A faulty CV joint will make a loud popping or clicking sound while you are turning or driving. Autoworks will look at the condition of the joint and will advise if we recommend replacing or reconditioning the CV joint.


If your CV joint is damaged or worn it will start to vibrate. The vibrations will increase as you start accelerating. If you drive fast enough while your vehicle is vibrating your control of the vehicle will be limited and could put you as well as others in danger. We recommend you book your vehicle in as soon as possible in this case.

CV’s will cause further damage to your vehicle if they fail. If you are experiencing anything that you are unsure about, feel free to pop us a message on the form below and we will assist you.

Autoworks | CV Joints and how to tell if they are failing

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