Are you experiencing issues with your fuel level gauge not reading correctly? Let us assist you!

Nissan X-Trails share a common issue when it comes to their fuel pumps or level senders having a fault or simply not working. Often times it may not even be your fuel pump or level sender, but instead a problem with the wiring.

The fuel pump (Part no: 170403ZB0A) and level sender (Part no: 25060JG70D) are both located in your fuel tank. Sometimes the level sender is attached to the fuel pump and other times they are stand-alone units. The level sender is the component responsible for sending the signal that operates the fuel gauge in your instrument cluster. Your fuel pump on the other hand takes fuel from your tank and sends it to your engine so your car can start and run.

Replacing the fuel pump and/or level sender can cost anything between R 5 000.00 – R 15 000.00.


Autoworks offers a solution to this issue.


We will first access your fuel tank and remove the fuel pump and level sender unit. It is vital that we remove all contaminants, loose debris, rust and sediment prior to opening your fuel tank. Contaminants may cause issues such as the fuel filter becoming clogged, the pump jamming and can significantly reduce fuel flow due to build-up of dirt.

Next we will need inspect the wiring and if there is break, repair the broken wire. This work takes place in the open fuel tank. Extra safety precautions and the right equipment are needed to avoid a fire. We therefore only recommend you do this repair at a reputable service centre, like Autoworks.

Once the  wire has been repaired we will reassemble the vehicle and test if the repair attempt was successful.

Contact us if you are experiencing this problem, we will assess your vehicle and advise if this repair is an option for your vehicle.


Please note:

We are unable to guarantee the outcome of this repair. Autoworks has a 90% success rate and the repair attempt is substantially cheaper than replacing the whole fuel pump and fuel level sender unit. We recommend the above repair before replacing the unit.

Autoworks | Nissan X-Trail fuel level gauge not reading correctly?

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