What do I need to know about my aircon?

Your aircon draws its power from the engine and loses around ten to fifteen percent of gas each year even if it’s not in use. Due to this, the less gas there is in your aircon system the harder your engine will have to work to keep your aircon running smoothly. Therefore, like any other part of your car, the aircon requires maintenance every 3 years. There are 3 things that need to be done when attending to your aircon: 

  • A re-gas 
  • A treatment – to remove any mould or bacteria that has accumulated over the years that could enter into your car
  • A pollen filter replacement (if needed) – to ensure that the air coming into your vehicle is clean and filtered correctly
Why would my aircon stop working? 

The most common issue when it comes to the aircon system is that it is made up of rubber and metal pipes. The rubber pipes can dry out and crack over time due to age, or lack of use. These cracks result in your aircon gas escaping, and eventually your aircon will stop working 

If you suspect a leak, Autoworks will regas your aircon with a special dye, and let it run for around fifteen minutes. After which, we will check to see if the dye is visible outside of the cooling system. If our technicians finds a leak they will quote accordingly to ensure you get the best repair possible. 

How will the Aircon re-gas and treatment work with Autoworks? 

Over the course of an hour, one of our technicians will remove the old gas as well as any excess moisture or air with a specialised machine. He will then replace it with the correct amount of gas. Plus add in a  specialised oil that keeps your aircon rubber pipes healthier for longer as per the manufacturer specifications. 

How will I know if my aircon needs attention? 
  • Your aircon will not blow as cold as it used too – To check if your aircon is working, simply set the temperature of your aircon to very cold and turn the fan up as high as you can. If the air blows cold then your aircon is working just fine. 
  • A musty odour that is present when you turn the vehicle’s air-con on – This is a sign that there is a build-up of mould/dirt inside your aircon system or on your pollen filter 
Why should a qualified technician re-gas my aircon? 

Today’s aircons are designed to operate with a specific quantity of gas, depending on the type of car. If too little or too much gas is added it could cause damage to the different parts of your aircon system, such as the compressor.  

Our technicians have access to the specialised equipment, tools and knowledge needed to safely re-gas your aircon. If you contact us today, our qualified technicians will ensure your vehicle gets the best repair/re-gas out there! 

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