Why are engine mountings so important?

What is an engine mounting supposed to do?

A mounting is designed to limit the vibrations coming from your engine. As well as ensure it does not knock into any other part of your car.

Your engine holds multiple explosions and multiple moving parts. These explosions and moving parts are enough to cause your engine to vibrate. These vibrations are so heavy that it can be heard and felt inside the vehicle.

Mountings are expected to last anywhere from 5 – 7 years. It is recommended that all mountings be replaced at the same time. If they are not replaced together, you can expect to change each of them soon after each other. As an example, if your car has 3 engine mountings and 1 starts to fail, the other 2 mountings will take up the slack causing them to fail sooner. For this reason, most generally decide to replace all 3 at the same time to avoid back and forth trips.

How to tell if your mountings are failing you…
  1. Vibrations: Vibrations from your engine will become more obvious. You may even notice those vibrations in places such as the dashboard or doors of your car.
  2. Knocking noises: Without proper working mountings your engine will move. It might even twist causing the engine to collide with other parts of your vehicle such as the gearbox.
  3. Lowered or tilted engine position: When looking at your engine from the top you should be able to tell if the engine is leaning further to one side than the other.

If you notice even the slightest of warning signs, please contact your nearest trusted repair workshop, such as Autoworks, to have the mounting replaced before further damage is done.

What will happen if you don’t replace your engine mountings…

It does not matter what brand of mountings you have in your car; they all start to fail over time. If you do not change your mountings in time, you will cause further damage to the surrounding mountings, your engine, or possibly even your gearbox.

Because there is not much that can be done to prevent your mountings from failing, Autoworks does a full and thorough check on all your mountings when your vehicle comes in for a service, repair, or general check over.

If you have any concerns, click on the button below, complete the form, and we will contact you back!

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