The best and safest way to change your transmission oil

Is your automatic vehicle not changing as smooth as it used to? Have you reached 150 000 km or is your vehicle 8 years or older?

AutoWorks recommends a transmission oil change with the all new ATX 180 automatic transmission service machine.


Repairing your automatic transmission can cost an excessive amount. To avoid this, we recommend that you replace your gearbox oil in time

With the complexity of modern automatic transmission control a conventional drain and refill of the gearbox does not remove contaminated oil from the torque converter and oil cooler, containing about a third of the transmission fluid.

However, with the ATX 180 service station we can safely carry out a flush, deep clean, and transmission oil change. A specialised formulated detergent at the beginning of the flushing process loosens and deep cleans the transmission. This process flushes out the entire transmission and its components. Including the oil cooler, torque converter and intricate valve body.

After the flushing process, the removal of the oil pan starts. Once done, the substitution of the old gearbox oil filter takes place with a new one.

The automatic transmission service machine then refills the gearbox with the highest quality of oil. Oil that is recommended by the vehicles manufacturers

Modern automatic transmissions are extremely sensitive and costly to repair or replace. And this process ensures that you will get the most mileage out of your transmission.

Complete the form below and we will send you a quote for the transmission oil change on your vehicle.

Autoworks | The best and safest way to change your transmission oil

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