Cleaning injectors reduces fuel consumption

The injectors of your vehicle play a vital role in improving performance and reducing fuel consumption.

Dirty fuel and carbon accumulation in your engine results in your fuel injectors forming a leak or becoming blocked. This results in high fuel consumption and a noticeable decrease in the performance of your vehicle. In the long-run carbon accumulation can damage the injectors and possibly the engine itself.

Injector cleaning requires removing the injectors from the engine and cleaning it on a workbench at a cost of  R 2000.00 to R 3000.00 per injector. If too clogged up or damaged, the injectors may have to be replaced. This can cost in excess of R10 000.00, or more.

We are happy to announce good news for vehicle owners. autoWORKS brings you the latest innovation in cleaning vehicle injectors without removing them from the vehicle. We have invested in the latest technology in injector cleaning. Autoworks can now clean your vehicle’s injectors for a fraction of the cost, without even removing them from the vehicle.

Make an appointment at any autoWORKS branch and for only R1200.00 (VAT included) we’ll clean your vehicles injectors in an hour or less!

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