When should I flush my brake fluid?

We recommend flushing your vehicles brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluid is as vital to stopping a vehicle as engine oil is to keeping it going, but it doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic (binds water) and deteriorates quickly, especially in coastal towns.
This can cause corrosion in the braking system. Far more dangerous, it can cause water vapour leading to sudden brake failure in an emergency situation.

When the brakes get hot, the water in the brake fluid evaporates.
This water vapor in a brake circuit is compressible and makes it impossible to transmit the pressure from the brake pedal to the brake pad.

The brakes are the most powerful system in your vehicle, more powerful than the engine! If your brake pedal feels soft or overly hard or just doesn’t feel “right”, give us a call so we can check your brake fluid.


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