When to replace your vehicle’s power steering fluid

Power steering fluid keeps components such as pistons, valves, hoses, and the power steering pumps functioning seamlessly and effectively. This hydraulic fluid protects O-rings and seals as well.

Most vehicles come with a life-time fill or powersteering fluid. While some forums recommend a replacement every 30 000 km we do not think this is necessary.

If however your vehicle reaches 10 years and you intend to keep it, we would recommend a change. In South-Africa we tend to use our vehicles longer and thats why Autoworks, in line with most experts overseas, recommends changing the power steering fluid at 200 000 km.

As with any other car part, system, or component, power steering fluid won’t last forever. Over time, the fluid will break down and become contaminated with particles. This could harm the pump and other parts of the steering system. Replacing the fluid and getting a power steering flush will help prevent this from happening.



Autoworks | Maintenance and repair centre | When to replace your vehicle's power steering fluid

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