When should I replace my vehicles brake pads/shoes?

Brake pads and shoes on vehicles are important as they allow you to stop. The job of the brake pads/shoes and disc/drum is to create the resistance needed between your tyres and the road to stop your vehicle. The brake system on a motor vehicle is considered a critical safety item according to the Retail Motor Industry Organization (RMI).


Brake light on

Most modern-day vehicles have an electronic sensor on the brake pads. These sensors indicate a warning signal on the dashboard of your vehicle when it’s time to change your brake pads.

Squealing/Screeching sound

Some older vehicles have a metal piece on the brake pad as a wear indicator. This metal piece will come into contact with your brake disc once your brake pads are low. You will start to hear a squealing or screeching sound coming from your vehicle.

No wear indicator

On some vehicles their pads have no wear indicator at all. Vehicles with Brake shoes has to be inspected regular upon every service.


At Autoworks we recommend regular inspections on your vehicle. This will give you an idea when the brake pads or shoes need to be replaced.

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