Why should you take your vehicle to a reputable service provider?

To protect you and your vehicle, we recommend taking your vehicle to a reputable service provider.

We are sure to use only the best when it comes to your vehicle. Our qualified technicians use only the latest in state of the art diagnostic equipment, and fit only OE quality parts. OE (original equipment) parts are of the same quality parts as the agents. At a much cheaper cost.

How we quote ensures that you only pay for what you authorise. Once you authorise repairs our Branch Manager or Foreman are always available for communication, and our service assistants provide you with constant feedback regarding your vehicle. Once your vehicle has been dropped off we will bring you home or to work for free.

For your peace of mind we work according to manufacturer specifications, and offer a 60 000km/1 year warranty on all parts fitted and workmanship. Our comprehensive insurance offers you safety in the event of consequential damage or a workshop accident.

Autoworks | Why should you take your vehicle to a reputable service provider?

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