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Land Rover

Exploring new places and investigating exciting and often remote areas.

To guarantee your adventure is not short lived, you should service your vehicle at a maintenance and repair centre that offers you quality service, parts and a viable warrantee.

Land Rover Car Service

If you are a Land Rover owner the chances are good that you have a love of the great outdoors and enjoy exploring new places and driving your vehicle in interesting, exciting, and often remote areas.  To guarantee your adventure is not short lived, you should service your vehicle at a maintenance and repair centre that offers you quality service, parts and a viable warrantee.

autoWORKS is able to offer a range of thorough services and checks to ensure that your Land Rover is in the best possible condition.

Basic services include the following:

Service and Inspection

Thorough inspection to ensure that all filters are in good condition, replacement of any filters that may need to be replaced, oil change, coolant fluid checks and other basic checks. You will be advised if your Land Rover requires further car repairs.


All engine lights and warning lights are checked to ensure that everything is in a good working order, and if not, the exact problem will be diagnosed.

Gearbox and Clutch

If your clutch is sticking, or you have to push down further than normal, then the clutch might be worn. Before you get stuck somewhere have it rather checked and repaired.


The service will check that your brake pads, brake fluid and other brake components are in proper working order – worn brake pads can have fatal repercussions, especially on South Africa’s busy roads and off road trips.


Check and replace worn bushes to ensure smoother suspension. We use original parts, ensuring the smoothest suspension for your Land Rover; this will enable you to navigate even the bumpiest of roads.


If your Land Rover is losing oil or water, or you have any type of engine trouble, then our car service centre will be able to diagnose and replace fluids as well as conduct a full engine check.

A few tips before you venture off-road:

  • Have a good mental picture of the underside of your vehicle
  • Check the position of fragile parts such as the fuel tank, engine sump, differentials, and gearbox. So you’re less likely to snag them on rocks, tree stumps, and other obstacles.
  • Check the roof rack and consider it as you drive under low tree branches etc.

Rule of thumb guide to selcting the best gear:

Rocky Ground Low range 1st gear
Soft Ground Low range 2nd or 3rd gear
Ice and Snow Highest gear possible for conditions
Climbing Slopes Climb in highest practical gear
Descending Slopes Low range 1st gear
Wading Low range 2nd gear
Sandy Tracks Try 3rd, 4th or 5th in low range

To ensure that thorough service checks are done, it is essential that you only consult reliable service centres such as autoWORKS, who have had years of experience – this ensures that your Land Rover will be serviced by professionals who know how to get the very best from your vehicle in order to keep it in an optimal running condition. Do not be fooled by fly-by-night mechanics who overcharge and under deliver; more often than not you will end up paying far more, for a less than ideal service. Give your Land Rover the care it deserves, and consult a world-class auto repair centre that will give you the best possible service and results.

Expert mechanic

George joined the autoWORKS team as Branch Manager at our Milnerton branch in 2014. Before he joined autoWORKS, George successfully started his own automotive service company and gained valuable experience for 20 years. He specializes in Mercedes and BMW’s. George is passionate about his customers and colleagues and understands their importance to and within the company.

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